Understanding Grace

To be clear to begin with, true Grace comes from God/Source, as a blessing/gift.
Grace’s silent cloak is absorbed into your essence, preventing foolish things.
But, if stupid is done, then the consequences are yours to learn from.
Next time, perhaps the discernment given with Grace will cause you to pause.

While you may ask for Grace at a particular time, or for a more trying event,
it is still a gift-given when its power may make the most use of a situation.
A better opportunity may be chosen for you, or when you are ready to use it.
We are talking about potentials here – power, energy being released, a timing thing.

Sometimes Grace gives us spontaneity, when to speak-up or act quickly.
A rise may be coming from you toes, or just crackling sparks up your spine.
Grace may also give you that second chance to correct mistakes made.
We may call it serendipity or synchronicity, as it falls in place so perfectly.

It is also understanding that sometimes one thing can’t happen until another does.
The timing between may have been so long, that you don’t realize it until later.
These are things that you cannot make happen. Grace brings them from choices,
these may have been made without ever knowing the connection completed.

It is always your job to see and follow through with what Grace offers for you.
Grace is merely the inspiration that awakens our mystical power from within.
It slakes off the fear as it arises, as you feel you can accomplish almost anything.
As with most of God’s gifts, praise and appreciation of Grace brings more on.

Think about how many times Grace saved you, or gave you the perfect solution.
We’ve all had those days, we’ve lost control from things not quite working out.
Let go and release, so the disappointments from expectations don’t burden you.
The World is Changing, so Join the Transition Team – don’t sit in the bleachers!

Alice Parker © 2013

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