Hello World & Welcome to My Weekly Blog ~ EveryDay Empowerment!                     I look forward to your comments on it. Also, I will have a weekly poem.

img_9699Alice is originally from Chicago, and doesn’t claim to be a Channeler, but does have a degree in Psychology. She did Bilingual – Bi-Cultural Studies in Graduate school and has traveled to 36 countries and 40 States – lived in 6. In Japan for 7 years, she was a Certified Corporate Business Trainer, and 10+ years in Human Resources Mgmt. followed. She’s been a student of Metaphysics and Spirituality for over 20 years. She’s written 6 books (checkout the tab on her books) – fiction, non-fiction, and 3 poetry. Following 12 years in San Francisco, she was living and working for two and a half years in Crystal Falls, MI.
Alice moved to Dallas, TX, July, 2013 for her grandchildren-2 now, and lives in North East Dallas. She immediately joined the Poet Society of Texas – a real lucky find – and has won 1st Place in the State several times for one of their poetry contests. Alice teaches Memoir Writing classes at Brookhaven College for the 50+ Program, and does editing of her students’ finished books. She does presentations and workshops related to her writing background. You can always contact her for more information at apinsf@gmail.com.

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