New Transitions


Out of raw truth and revelations comes huge clarity.
Another new year can bring deeper meaning,
if before from lessons, you have built
a solid foundation for your new reality.

At some time, we’ve all been brought to our knees,
one way or another – ourselves or loved ones.
But if you’re reading this, we’re both still standing.
So . . . onward and upward, we keep going.

From unprecedented endings – undeniable crossroads,
I find myself untethered, floating in-between space.
This is sometimes magical and sometimes scary . . .
I know it’s transition – a natural part of being here.

What is amazingly supportive, and encouraging
during such monumental personal changes,
are the few things you can truly count on . . .
like sunrises, sunsets, the seasons – and friends.

These continue to activate me, as they reset
the zero-point of unlimited possibilities.
We all seem to be facing similarities at this time,
because we are all One, and we are all connected.

Alice Parker © 2016