Living a Day-Life


Thoroughly unprepared, I took the step
into the Afternoon of Life.
I was under the false assumption,
my truths and ideals would still serve me.

But one cannot live in the future,
according to Life’s past.
And, come the Evening of Life,
it may all have become a lie.

Each part of Life’s Day has to be new.
Scales always have to be re-balanced,
tip suffering toward openheartedness,
and love, of course. Yes, oh yes love.

I don’t like my Life starched or ironed,
but I don’t mind a little steaming,
to get some wrinkles and creases out.
I’m readying myself for Sunset’s glory.

Yes, take me as I am,
as it’s been quite a full-Life for me.
I’m not afraid of the next step.
As they say:  Wherever you go, there you are!

Alice Parker © 2016