We all had those lists,
mental probably more than written,
of things that make us happy.

Different lists for different times and places.
These were our little barometers of excellence,
recording our inner climate of wants and needs.

Few of us ever grow up to be what we intended.
Few of us also fulfill our own expectations,
Much less even fulfilling our ‘potentials’ as set.

 At some point we stopped making demands on our selves,
and settled for what we felt life had set for us.
Enjoying became more important than stressing over it.

It had become too constant a pain to try endlessly,
to be what we thought we should become.
Besides, others were no longer expecting more of us.

You can’t miss what you don’t know, can you?
Maybe that’s why sometimes we all have
that funny little streak of sadness from time to time.

We are missing something,
and we don’t even want to know what it is,
or whether it will ever be revealed.

And they say life is too short,
but maybe not for some,
as they expected so little,
and fulfilled even less.

Alice Parker © 2010

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