Life’s Accelerator


I’ve had affirmations, I can safely
take my foot off life’s accelerator,
at least for a while . . .

And allow my soul,
to whisper encouragement,
in the quiet of my heart.

Life is not always activity –
being, doing or achieving
on the outer plane.

My human realm,
is turning within
to connect with my pulse.

It flows through me
every second – every day
awake or asleep.

Whether in love, in pain
or in the grocery store!
The cosmos currently supports me.

Seeking silence – inner enquiry
is my divine heartbeat,
ever rhythmic at my core.

Discovered things wanted,
not so attractive after all;
sweated plans tarnished.

Inner revelations,
more ball and chain
than a passport to fulfillment.

So, take time for the
awesome ‘mystery of life’
to be embraced fully.