Contemplate your vision –
the masterpiece of your life,
breathe – savor spaces between the busy-ness.

It’s easy to get lost and distracted,
as always new boxes to tick off,
on your life-long to-do list.

Is this list more a distraction?
Do they light up your soul’s fire?
Have long-held dreams dropped off?

Are you overwhelmed this late in life
about getting it right, or what’s expected?
What will re-invigorate your dreams?

Intuitively, you may think they’re impossible.
Are you frustrated with your lot in life,
not being the lot you’ve dreamed of?

You are not necessarily unhappy, but you
do carry a modicum of unfulfilled dissatisfaction.
Time has come to re-assess your priorities!

Re-connect to your fiery passion
that was once within you.
Bring your masterpiece to life . . .

Be the Original you always wanted.
At this age, it’s acceptable to be different.
Release your penchants for the odd or unusual.

Most importantly – throw away that list!
Live each moment, remembering
it may be your last to enjoy what you want.

Alice Parker © 2016