Life Is Complex

Life is complex . . .  And, it is sometimes difficult.
We each need to make our own path.
Following a friend or lover does not make it our path,
just because we are walking it on our own.

Since there are no maps of life,
we’ll never know if we are on the right road,
but there is no wrong one, if it is our choice alone.
As a right one for some, is a wrong one for another.

There are no clear road signs or magic formulas,
to say or do the right thing in any relationship.
Nor instant pills, to make us thin or happy.
And, no miracle potions to make us brilliant or wise.

Sometimes the only guidance along the way,
comes from how bright we let our own light shine.
The road is not linear, as it has so many ups and downs.
It is just one foot in front of another, not to lose your balance.

As some people fall or get hurt, they abandon their journey.
They may seek shelter, wanting a safe, secure place to stay.
But as their life shrinks into comfort and complacency,
they no longer move forward or accept any changes, so life ends.

Alice Parker © 2013


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