Let The Moment Seize YOU!


You perceive with your mind,
before you see with your eyes.
Free your mind to engulf each moment,
and the joy it holds for you alone.

Keep focused on how your life
has improved, instead of what has not.
Be mindful of your intentions
in every word you speak.

Words are your first steps in creating you,
your reality, as well your dreams.
Never forget you are perfect in
your diversity – exactly as you are!

Bring love into your mirror,
see your soul-light burning within.
This is who you truly are
in this moment, and always.

Still healing, gaining self-expression, those
achievements will cultivate your true self.
Following joy requires a leap of faith.
Some leaps are over a rather large abyss.

Trust your inner voice, as your
true choices proceed from love, not fear.
Honor what makes you happy,
not pleasing others or proving something.

The Force is already with you,
it is your growing empowerment.
Deep breathe to take those moments,
the infinite freedom of grace and joy.


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