Jericho’s Road


Understanding all forms of Love is not simple.
Whether when you fall in love with the one,
or helping that stranger that others have passed by.
Love is something palatable, yet invisible and unprovable

You look into the eyes of your newborn,
and there is love – an instant communication.
Spirit can be heavy, and yet unmeasurable.
Love has a beautiful, vibrating field around it.

Two Humans together form a bond that can create
a third energy, when they come together.
Love is not always discernible, especially to the uninitiated.
You can’t realize something you haven’t experienced.

We hear about it all the time from a majority of songs.
The mainstay of books and films, says we should ‘know’ it.
We speak of the ‘heart/soul’ of things/people.
Love is the great powerhouse limiting the mind/sanity.

Yet what is Love in everyday life?
In traffic, grocery store lines, the homeless?
With every choice, you are learning something new.
Which will lead you joyfully on your journey?

Even if something seems challenging at the time,
free yourself from fear-negativity to gain compassion-love.
Your soul is growing and expanding in immeasurable ways.
Honor your journey, and Bless every step with love.

You never know when you might be that
Stranger on Jericho’s road left for dead.
Being alive is a gift, though it may not seem so sometimes.
You being where you are is also no accident.

Alice Parker © 2015

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