Memoir Writing Classes with Alice Parker –                                                               Group or Individual Classes Available

Memoir Writing is your story of your significant experiences, an event or period of your life-lived. Thus, it is not an autobiography covering every single, minute-detail of your life. You may write about others as they relate to you – a relative or mentor you knew well that influenced you greatly, and your relationship to them. If it made a difference in your life, that is why you are writing about it. You may plan on writing for your children or grandchildren, but in reality you are really writing for your Self – you will be changed.

If you have gone through a personal loss, or a situation that you have rarely been able to talk about, the cathartic-release is incredibly powerful. Research shows that it lowers your blood pressure, and releasing stress has the greatest healing benefit, as well as self- empowerment. The process of writing, reading aloud to others, who then respond with questions or comments, is an advantageous experience – emotionally, mentally and physically within itself. We do share tears of joy and sorrow, as you are totally supported in what you write, and we always agree to privacy, regarding anything shared.

Your written (hand, typewriter or computer) Memoir is expected to be your true story, to the best of your ability regarding memories and/or experiences. It is not a collaboration, or to be edited by others who may or not have been involved. I give a set of hand-outs to guide and assist you in your Memoir, so no writing experience is necessary for your participation. Spelling, grammar or even punctuation are not concerns, as nothing is handed in. Though dates and places need to be put into the Memoir, embellishments or exaggerations inserted for dramatic effect should be left out. Related poetry is acceptable.

You will be sharing with your small group the 500 – 1500 words that you have written prior to class, and while especially meaningful to you, it can also be encouraging to others to express for themselves similarly. I give my clarifying comments and questions, and then your peers, in turn do so also. This is not a critique, but helpful to you-the-writer in knowing that your words have been understood as meant. Thus, the writing/reading experience is a fully positive and uplifting accomplishment for all involved. We truly learn, and get more remembered ideas for our own writing from each other. But if you do not write, there is no sharing, so no need to come to class. Also, I am a professional editor and can help you publish your memoirs, should you choose to do so to help others. Everyone is welcome, as everyone has a unique story to be written and shared.

Alice Parker – email: apinsf@gmail.com – website: www.a-wonderland.com

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