Geography of the Heart


Afflicted heart with traces of confusion;
Like a maze with no direction;
Searching, then finally dissipating with discovery,
Or is love a realization?

But I thought I already knew all of this?
Been there, done that sort of thing.
Was my research flawed?
Or was my path wrong?

No, there is no wrong path or mistaken way.
It all has a purpose; an experience to be learned.
It is only as the time unfolds,
That the knowledge is found and clearly seen. 

As water seeks its own level,
So does one’s comfort with one’s self.
One does not need to penetrate a jungle
To find a rare, precious flower. 

Beauty is bestowed in my own garden,
To look upon through a wider light, or broader vision.
To see something anew is . . .
Sometimes better than first sight.

Alice Parker, © 2010



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