Fork in the Road


We only trip over pebbles, not mountains.
Little things slip by as not important, a time-waster.
With age, I speak up, most people won’t.
We also get away with it.

I’ve never had a real fork in the road.
Choices – good and bad – yes.
I’d rather have mistakes than regret not
saying/doing something when I could have.

Like missing an opportunity to pay-it-forward,
even if they’re only short a few cents.
Little things, that might make more than
a little change for you or someone else.

The point not how ‘big’ something is,
but effect it has on our lives,
or if repeated influences others.
These little things lurk in my brain.

Like an incongruity in a mirror,
or a reflection in my own mind.
OK, maybe my OCD kicking in –
something is not quite right.

Perhaps they’re not noticed by others,
but will eventually cause problems.
Where’s the neon sign pointing:
“This is that Fork in the Road.”

Not all small things lead to big discoveries,
yet, single words – phrases set me off to writing.
We might ‘stumble across’ synchronicity –
exhilarating and exciting when realized.

Alice Parker © 2015