Finding Silence


We have a choice; we always have a choice,
but taking the better choice is not always the choice.
When you sense – realize – accept – that you are living in a chaotic
and frenetic world, deep down you know it is not the only way.

Yes, that excited frenzy can feel like a blessing at times –
those when we connect with others across the globe.
But . . . there is a need for balance, and balance comes from silence.
Find your wonderful sounds of silence that whisper to you.

Then take a moment to connect to the silence.
It is the gap between the noises of your fast paced life.
Look for it, and begin to find a deeper, truer sense of direction.
Your purpose is rarely in the midst of clutter or chaos.

You will know it in the silence in your connected Divinity.
It will be in fulfilling the fullness of your potential.
Silence is often seen in the early blush of the sunrise mists,
or waving fog over the hollow river valley from a high perch.

It can be hidden away in the forest’s heart, where the trees breathe deeply.
There is the soothing silence of the lapping of the waves,
as they lightly kiss the shoreline. We can float on those calm waters.
The silence gives us the answers without questions. It is our essence.

 Alice Parker © 2012

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