Female Knowledge 


Inner strength was growing, a female knowledge of surrender’s value.
Move easily with the wind, it can’t blow you around or down.
Dominate your own will and choosing, not a whim come and gone.
It was a gift of mutual enjoyment he’d never realize she’d given.

The initial time a woman finally, truly sees her power, it’s bloomed.
t’s a different point to each, and regrettably never to a few.
A transient moment looked back upon, not noticed at the instance,
But things changed, and would be remembered succinctly.

It’s a learning curve, how – when to use it for maximum pleasure.
She’s not treated as another variation of women her age or place.
He hadn’t known her long, but knew she was not a facsimile.
Fads, passing styles, whims or flavors of the month, wasn’t her.

More than a woman of substance, she knew to use her intuition.
Of unlimited passion, she approached the unknown fearlessly.
Rarely the same woman twice, she took on new ideas feverishly.
Her belief was another book to write, bridge to cross or dance to do.

It was her life, and she loved it feverishly, without compromise.
Taking a while to get there, she was not changing her stance.
Acquaintances might come and go, but friends stood the test
of accepting her as she changed, and felt was better for them all.

Alice Parker © 2010

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