You never know what you can do until you try.
You must discover your own wings.
Sometimes being pushed or gently nudged
is the release needed to soar.

Your heart may quiver with conflicting emotions.
A baby is born with only two fears –
falling or a loud noise.
Yes, the falling comes before the thrill of soaring.

It is an ageless question of doubt, that
can only be answered by the individual.
Sometimes all we have is the air
to support us, and our untried wings.

Yes, there is failure sometimes,
but hesitating fear must be overcome to grow.
Dig deep to remember the innate wisdom –
Why we are here, and What is our purpose?

We must learn to soar with our own wings
to become who we were meant to be.
It’s an act of love to open the door for our young,
to release them to their own lives.

To see them not just fly, but soar
is our reward for pushing, encouraging.
Each life is an individual’s choice.
A confidence building of what can be done.

We all need encouragement –
sometimes no matter our age,
or our circumstances.
It can and is the gift of life.

Alice Parker © 2014

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