Whether you’re writing a poem, short story, memoir, novel or information for you website or a promotional flyer, my thirty years of writing/editing and business marketing can get the job done for you. At the same time, I do all kinds of editing, from simple proofreading for punctuation-grammar to full line-editing with ideas and suggestions for expanding or evoking more feelings – senses into your content/characters.

Being a little OCD, I’m very organized in helping you to get it all flowing, as well catching key things mentioned in on one page, but never brought into fruition as follow up. Dialogues are the foundation of bringing stories to life, and effective quotations for your own promotional marketing. Having been a Memoir Writing teacher for over ten years, starting in San Francisco and currently in Dallas, I’m totally aware of keeping the writer’s authentic voice. I give suggestions for you to choose what you feel best expresses your story. I do NOT get into heavy medical or technical content or IT related processes. Other than that, I am open to whatever content you want edited.

I am totally supportive of writers who are earnest in their work and charge about half of the going rate – $20/hour student rate, rather than the $45 – $55/hr.  My business rate is $25/hour.

I do expect your project to have been gone through carefully – not to waste my time or your money on typos or bad formatting. Most writers understand the importance of an objective person to give honest feedback on such literary requirements as Wordiness, Active Voice, Descriptions, using Senses but limiting Jargon or Cliches. These are necessary to get and keep your reader turning pages.

Or, if you do need assistance in writing or rewriting, or you are a non-native English speaker, the rate is $25/hr. I also worked with Dale Carnegie for three years as a trainer, so I can  help you with the full prep and performance for speeches, presentations, etc.

Also available, is my $25 Consultation for up to 2 hours of organization and help for how to go about coordinating your project. I am also well-versed on the publishing process – either through agenting or self-publishing. Newly added to my experience is the process of a full media social platform, to be used for either form of publishing, since little is offered these days to promote you. Please feel free to use my PayPal to pay and contact me at:  alice@a-wonderland.com or apinsf@gmail.com


Editing Services:  Student Rate @ 1 Hour Blocks at $20/Hour  

Editing Services:  Business Rate @ 1 Hour Blocks at $25/Hour

Writing Assistance Services:  Writing Services @ 1 Hour Blocks at $25/Hour

Project Coordination Consultation: Consultation up to two hours $25