Cool mist covered my face,
as I scooted to the car
hoping the barrage was on
hold till I got to the pool.

Chuckled to myself,
“Don’t want to get wet,
before I get in the pool!”
Traffic wasn’t that bad.

Bulging drops hurled down,
though hurrying to the door,
I was thoroughly dripping.
My blouse still damp later.

At home, pelting sounds on ground,
concrete, stone walls and creaking,
metal drainpipes, as water encircled.
Lightening splits clouds open.

Contents were heavily dumped,
as thunder squeezed more out.
Nothing was seen thru slick sheets,
as drenched-moist air turned cold.

Minutes moved to hours,
with deluge swallowed by
grateful Mother Earth, till
overflow evidenced everywhere.

All weather is both a blessing
and destroyer, when too much.
We have our forecasts, warnings
and guides to prepared awareness.

Quieting down once again,
misty drops spatter into puddles,
ringing musical notes, lyrical
in a lavish rain-dance celebration.

Alice Parker © 2016