Crazy, or Not

A zillion tiny pieces of nothing and everything,
are zapping around in my brain at all levels.

The minutiae flit in and out of the reality realm,
like leftover notes floating thru the universe.

They have searched out every crevice, corner
and interim mezzanine of thought blips or emotions.

How many are day/night dreams or actual happenings,
I have no idea, as they fall on me like pigeon droppings.

I may as well be tossing coins in every fountain I see,
as for the results or efforts to be real or virtualized.

I know time will pass, whether I do anything with it or not.
Yet time can be a plague if I cannot clutch happiness for me.

Nothing last forever, as after the warm sun comes the dark.
But it does not have to be cold if we’ve bundled up against it.

While happiness can wrap around me, it is not permanent.
Like everything else, it is a choice, a decision I choose for me.

Within happiness, I can truly love my free-to-be craziness!
Within craziness, my happiest friends choose me.

Alice Parker © 2010

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