Changing Landscapes


Road-trips give a us a chance to see
the changing landscapes of our country.
Sometimes it’s good or not so good,
as old farms into housing developments.

While the old usefulness of the windmill
might have disappeared from some areas,
the friendly addition of wind power is a positive.
Renewable power for small towns or companies.

The giant wind-machines amazingly blend
in with cows, corn or soy or other crop fields.
In the desert, they’re not being competitive
with the solar installations welcoming the sun.

They are more than non-polluting clean energy.
They don’t kill animals, destroy shorelines,
put chemicals in the water or cause earthquakes.
In other words, friendly also to Mother Earth.

But their drawbacks are that they can’t put their
energy into cars, to create greed among billionaires,
or also cause money-producing wars around the world.
They only lower your electric bill and protect the ozone.

So ask yourself, “Why don’t we have more wind power,
and solar power, or even wave/water power, if it’s better?”
Re-read the prior stanza again, and think about it.
What’s better for the ‘little guy’ is not a big money-maker.

Alice Parker © 2015