We live each day,
and pass each month.

Still there are whispers
of refrains as to when…

Was it Summertime or Spring?
Or the pale moon glistening?

Or was it just some dreams
slipping down reminding me.

Life is a series of changes –
If you resist them, sorrow is created.

Allow reality to flow forward.
Stuck is like quicksand, it swallows you.

If you are wearing a mask,
you’re not really changing.

Change the way you look at things,
and you won’t need a mask.

You are the only one you can change,
don’t let your kindness distract you.

Fate may have a totally different plan.
Follow the light, not the tunnel.

Unexpected things are going to happen.
Take control, and make the decisions.

You choose how to handle life.
Survivors use courage, humor and grace.

If it’s not you, you can’t change it.
So let go of what you can’t change.

It doesn’t matter who it is,
or what it is – let it go!

Alice Parker © 2015