An Unfettered Heart


An empathetic life arises with clarity of an unfettered heart, though on-the-brink of enormous, challenging trials:
climate catastrophe, economic meltdown – cliff-edged poised-disaster – a stride away choosing which way to jump.

Awakening, we barely find time for self, or love ones.
Slow down, clear out detritus of everyday clogs
of our consciousness, occupied minds and hearts.
We meet fear with love – hatred with fierce compassion.

Effectively connected to something greater than little me,
life under-siege still enables emotion, wisdom, reflection. Things become clear having caused confusion, and
unfinished business to a conclusion – let go and move on.

Perceiving a fuller, bigger picture of a seductive past,
enticing us into old dynamics – needed to view
through the wisdom of a pragmatic-present.
Deeper desires fuel an onward journey through life.

At this time of great change, we must each reflect
on some no-nonsense, straight-talking self-enquiry
on where our desires take us, and who they serve.
Revealing pertinent insights into our deeper nature.

Get a grip with how we sabotage ourselves.
Question complacency – commitment to courageous goals. We need inspirations of a future-vision to excite us.
Important not to let life pass us by, as we dream big.

Act, hope and forge waves of liberating energy.
Blow away cobwebs, clearing for a new life.
Break-through inner/outer blocks, frustrating progress.
Keep focused, as life opens floodgates of providence.

Synchronicity conspires to enable total-role-fulfillment, coherence of a collective’s awakening attitude-change.
The likes we have never seen, so hold onto your hat.
Life’s intent is about to become even more interesting!

Alice Parker © 2016