Alice’s Blog

This weekly blog is about Finding, Using & Sharing your Empowerment to work for you! The most important thing along the way is that you totally understand you cannot truly change the way other people think – you can only change the way you think/act, and then hope it enlightens others to be influenced by that. It is about having Awareness regarding your Everyday actions and words. These Everyday routines-actions may give you an opportunity to not only use or grow your empowerment, but share or enlighten others by your actions or words. The great thing about empowerment is that by simply demonstrating it, you are encouraging others to do so also. Kind of a, “I want some of that, too!” affect. This positive energy also promotes more ‘authentic living,’ so being phony doesn’t fit, nor tolerating it in others. It is amazing how open and allowing you become to change, as your empowerment grows or is shared, as you just want more and more positive experiences for yourself and others. Yes, you may rattle some people, but they’ll either get over it or leave you alone – either one works. Kind of like spreading positive fairy dust, or waving your magic wand to whomever wants a better life – others turn into a pumpkin. Make that list of ‘fears’ and start planning how you can eliminate each one.

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