A Prescience

Being a later-in-life child,

and budding, questioning-teenager,
it seemed everyone around me was old.
I then willed not to lead an unconscious-existence.

Laundry, cleaning and small talk had little appeal.
In fact, the idea of being stuck
with these boring activities terrified me.
Death, a preferred choice to complacency.

I could not allow my life to be defined
by petty distractions or mundane chores.
Intellectual-atrophy oozed from every corner.
No flexibility in knowing what I did not want.

I was yet to discover my Spiritually or,
have my Zen meditation be unfulfilling.
Thank God, writing and poetry appeared
in my angst, young years to save my sanity.

I knew I had to transcend the ordinary.
There were steps I eagerly wanted to learn.
Paths I would have to find and follow.
Key goal was – one could change one’s past

Alice Parker © 2016