A Great Loss


Older we get, more we think of our brain.
The young take it for granted –
college, grad, and maybe med school.
Being a doctor takes a good brain.

Then one day it’s gone – traumatic brain injury.
Well, a massive 92% gone, so the tests say.
You literally run around in circles,
not handling the reality of it all.

Lost also is your identity – your being,
your essence – and your spouse can’t handle it.
So, years you’re homeless, without support
except for those truly worse off than you.

Slowly, very slowly you begin recovery.
New drugs, and therapy – especially writing.
Cognitive synapses get rebuilt with your
new experiences, and real lessons learned.

Because you are a doctor, with help you
write a book to help others like you.
You are giving back in ways your medical
can inform, because you’ve been there.

You’ve come back – you’re more than a man
of straw – it is your brain returned after 20 years.
Others will learn how to deal and recover
from their great loss of traumatic brain injury.