A Creative Universe


As we remain oblivious to what’s around,
rushing through our daily routine,
the simplicity and beauty of the Universe,
creatively demonstrates its awesome wonder.

If all of our senses are working,
creativity is more than something we do,
but a way of being – appreciating.
And not just the shades of Springtime green.

A wild forest or raging river,
the trees and water reflect symmetry.
A garden we pass – unkept or not,
speaks volumes of the owners.

There is a power of beauty which
Nature awakens in our creative spirit.
A soothing love is within welcoming
us to align ourselves – our souls to relax.

The real talent of creativity is to release it.
This keeps us truly alive, not existing.
Our hearts are aching out to connect
with the Natural world surrounding us.

It responds to moments of inspiration,
unleashes the creative Spirit to fly free,
and embodies the power of Mother Nature.
We rise up encircling our creative spot dancing.

Discover the rich well-spring of your life,
for joy share your soul’s inner landscape.
Write, sketch, sing, or laugh with others.
Embrace love – creativity dwelling within.

Day or night the Universe is illuminated,
offering up its riches – revealing aspects
previously obscured from our Spirit.
Its consciousness radiates our reawakened lives.