The circle of life is more than just life and death.
It is the intricacies of the interconnections of us all.

There are those who prefer to brush away the cobwebs,
and then step on the builder, as in fear.
Others are mesmerized by the delicate balanced design,
that brings strength to the basically fragile web.

If we could imagine not just a web,
but a complex tapestry interwoven.
It threads us all together, around the world
with every country and human being tied in.

As comforting – supportive as this may feel,
such a global network needs acceptance,
that the threads are ever changing,
as ones leave us and others join into it.

It is once again a reminder that nothing,
no matter how strong it looks,
is truly fragile even interconnected,
as it can be gone in a split-second.

Thus each moment is never to be taken for granted,
but cherished, for we are all only temporary.

Alice Parker © 2012

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