Nature’s Gifts


Who could not love …
the sweet song of a meadow lark beckoning a morning call?
the slow-setting of the sun through wispy fuchsia clouds?

The golden autumn moon coloring the charcoal sky?
the inviting grass under the shady tree calling for a nap?
the unique merry serenade of the unseen cricket?

The warm gentle sun helping shed my winter coat?
the magic winking glow of the darting firefly?
the fragrant aroma of blooms after a spring rain?

The myriad of the forest leaves crunching under feet?
the shooting stars granting wishes as they fly across a sky?
the first snow settling on bushes, sidewalks and tongues?

The creative clouds shaping animals and things in the cobalt sky?
the refreshing breeze brushing the humidity away from skin?
the syncopated rhythm of raindrops on every surface?

Childhood memories or adult gratitude for natural beauty –
Some small joys do not have to be learned …
just loved and appreciated.

Alice Parker © 2010

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