My Window & Mirror


I seem to be a window, as everyone looks through me.
Yet, I’m also a mirror, reflecting my changing self.
I am a witness to my own life – seen and not seen.
Am I on a path, a journey or a pilgrimage?

I cannot always see who I am, or where I’m going.
Things are not as they always seem, but entertaining.
As I ascertain truth, who says what is wrong or right?
My intuition resonates my direction, as of now.

I sometimes have to get out of my own way,
As I analyze too many things, too much of the time.
There can be no scripts or speeches for dialogues.
The scene is not always set for what I want to say.

How can I be authentic, if my doing is not?
My window opens me to the world if I let it.
My mirror reflects how I respond to all in it.
The blinders must be removed, so I am limitless.

I am fearless as I live in the present moment.
While life can be wild and scary, bravery is innate.
It is my experiences that make me who I am.
I step through the window to change my frame of mind.

The mirror shatters as I no longer need to watch.
All is in real time – no stop action or retakes.
The past remains as played, no entanglements.
I know I’m an accumulation of it all as it stands.

Alice Parker © 2008

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