Learning About Life


They say you learn about life
from life itself.

You must live it wholly
to learn anything from it.

Yet you need to recognize
what things can teach you.

What things you ask?
Ah … there is the rub.

For what do you
truly want to learn?

You can learn about love
from a single kiss.

It is much more intimate
and personal than sex.

It may be a song – the lyric hits a memory,
or the melody brings eternal spring.

It may be nature itself,
for it reflects a beauty open for joy.

To others life is their pride of people,
family, friends, country – freedom.

Of course, faith in spiritual fullness,
of who you are, and what you can do for others.

Life, yes to live it,
is to learn what a precious gem it is.

Whether you take it in measured steps,
or giant gulps to satiate your quest –

Like love, you can only receive more,
when you have given it away freely.

Alice Parker © 2011


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